Indonesia is one of the best and the biggest coffee manufacturer the in the world. Currently Indonesia  number 4 after Brasil,Colombia, and Vietnam.
The taste of Indonesia coffee is very good, varied and unique, but has not yet obtained proper recognition in its own country, let alone in the international world.
Currently, international world is starting to acknowledge the quality of Indonesia coffee. However, Indonesia coffee entrepreneurs have not yet patented their label on the package of their coffee products. There for the  Indonesia, coffee is still unfamiliar to the community of coffee enthusiasts as the country that manufactures a wide variety of good quality coffee.
Rudy J.Pesik established KOPI KAMU since June 20th, 2010 with represents the   superior tastes of coffee from the Indonesia archipelago.
KOPI KAMU is launched with the goal to expand the potentials of Indonesia coffee with international standard across the world.



IIndonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world, consisting of 17,506 islands that spread across one eighth (1/8) of the equator, both above and below it with a mild friendly climate.
Indonesia is called the‘ Ring of Fire’ which consists of 70 vulcanocs plus many move that are no longer active.
The coffee plant thrives in vulcanocs soil in tropical and subtropical climates.
Indonesia topography consisting of lowlands and mountains/highlands as enables Indonesia to grow Robusta and Arabica since hundred of years  ago
The diversity of surrounding native plants affects the variety of flavors and aroma of Indonesia coffee grown in the various islands of the Archipelago
Indonesia coffee deserves to become well-known as the tastiest coffee thought quality and production increase.
Indonesia coffee deserves to be‘THE HOST”  coffee in Indonesia.
Tourism and  the popularity of Indonesia can be achieved by increasing the quality and production of Indonesian coffee.
Indonesian population of 240 millions, makes it possible to have the best coffee beans harvest by hand-picking. Coffee plantations and coffee industry is labor intensive.
Kopi Luwak which originales from Indonesia is unique, as the tastiest coffee and most expensive in the world has become an icon of Indonesia coffee



To improve the quality of coffee consumed by Indonesia.
To educate coffee experts/baristas capable of serving Indonesia ‘Gourmet’ coffee that meets international standards.
The introduce Indonesia superior coffee through exhibitions and promotions, throughout Indonesia and the world.
Introducing Indonesia superior coffee to the whole word through KOPI KAMU franchises. We are targeting 5000 outlets in 40 countries.
To establish YAKIN ( Yayasan Akademi Kopi Indonesia) in 2013 which will then be expands into “Yayasan Akademi Kopi International” in 2015. YAKIN will become the e-learning or Distant Learning center that will be broadcasted all around the world in Indonesia, English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanise and Spanish languages.
To make Indonesia the capital of coffee of the world, by education and training the coffee farmers, the coffee roasters and the baristas.
To open Kopi Kamu coffee throughout Indonesia provites superior Indonesia Coffee






  • To exploye the taste of Indonesia coffee, improving itsquality, to create new blend, and create new recipes.
  • To improve KOTEKA (KOPI, TEH and KAKAO)



  • Kopi Kamu buys grade 1 coffee from selected coffee beans from  every past of Indonesia. Kopi Kamu do the roasting of the selected beans KOPI KAMU will make Indonesian Coffee recognized and preferred world wide.
  • Teh Kamu promote Indonesia tea including white tea,green tea, black tea etc.
  • Kakao Kamu teaches kakao farmers about the quality and processing permentation Indonesia should produce the best chocolate and a leading product of Indonesia.



  • KOPI KAMU does not hire underage individuals.


KOPI KAMU cooperates with local farmers from coffee productive regions throughout Indonesia and giving material to the farmers so they can produce  quality coffee, and improve their economy/lifeleyhoud.

KOPI KAMU  cooperates with KOPI (Koperasi Pribumi Indonesia) and BNI to improve coffee farmers’ potential to support the Indonesia Flora and Fauna conservation program.

KOPI KAMU  actively  promoties Indonesia coffee world wide and KOPI KAMU is currently available in 21 countries Master Franchises and Franchises. KOPI KAMU promotes and axchibition in 3 countries every mounth




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