• Coffee machine is provided on demand forthe duration of the contract
  • Machine is guaranteed during contract
  • When the machine is repaired for more than 1 day, then replacement machine will be loaned
  • The availability of Kopi Kamu coffee is guaranteed
  • The quality is guranteed because Kopi Kamu products and only roasted on demand ( fresh product ) with superior packaging.
  • Promotion programs  supported by Kopi Kamu
  • Included in promotion media catalogues and brochures that are distributed throghout Indonesia and other countries.
  • Catalogue is available in many languages : Indonesia, English, Mandarin, Korean,  Spanish.
  • Machine service  including spare parts is provided free
  • Has the chance to participate in Kopi Kamu programs inside and outside of Indonesia.


- FRANCHISE : Fee Rp. 200 Millions/ USDLR 20.000
- Can be obtained directly from Kopi Kamu (PT. Andalan Pesik International) or its Master Franchise.
- Fasilities  : franchise main user the name of café Kopi Kamu  applies for 3 years and renewable.
- Obtained facility :

  • Feasibility study consultation
  • Interior design of café Kopi Kamu.
  • Free education of 4 – 6 baristas in Jakarta. Education outside of Kopi Kamu franchise will be charged transportation and accomodation fee at cost.
  • The price of  Roasted Coffee Beans at retail price FOB minus 20 (twenty) procent discount.
  • Promotion of café Kopi Kamu.
  • The name of the franchisee will be mentioned in every promotion al activities of Kopi Kamu.
  • Likely to participate in Kopi Kamu exhibitions in or outside   Indonesia
  • Participate in mutually agreed programs.
  • Customer care service
  • Coffee machine with related equipments



  • Applies for individuals as will as corporations
  • Commitment fee (down payment) Rp.5,000,000
  • To signed Letter Of Intent that will apply for 3 months where each party will collaborate to assign grand opening according to the time that had been agreed.
  • If in 3 months the applicant did not complete the payment, the agreement of opening the outlet is considered off and down payment can not be returned
  • While the contract is in effect, KOPI KAMU and TEH KAMU product must bee used exclusively.
  • The contract applies for 3 years and renewable.
  • After the contract is ended all aquipments  should be returned to Kopi Kamu.
  • If during contract the buyer  use other brands of coffee beside KOPI KAMU and TEH KAMU, products then all equipments will be withdrawn.



Payment can be tranfererred to  :
PT. Andalan Pesik International
Branch : Jayakarta
Acct.  Number : 210-0100-04810-09



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